@Antanicus little did lex luthor know he just had to wait a few decades

@Antanicus is this real? Capitalism is a goddamn parody of itself.

@Antanicus Dinosaurs 65 million years ago: which part of the world will *not* be hit by the gigantic all destroying meteor?
Figuring out could be very beneficial

(especially for avian dinosaurs and animals that can regulate their body temperature without the sun)

There's the dark joke:

97% of climate scientists agree that global climate change is real and manmade

3% are funded by the Koch Brothers

Coincidentally (or not), the tar sands oil being piped through Standing Rock is coming out of ground that'll be prime real estate once it's a little warmer

@Antanicus I mean, Ben Shapiro joked about how people claiming climate change is happening aren't selling their houses


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