Let's say I want a self-hosted collaboration and communication suite (calendar + document editing + file sharing + chat).

Should I go for Nextcloud, Sandstorm or something else?

Help and boosts very appreciated.

@Antanicus I've used ownCloud/Nextcloud a time or two for collab and file sharing and it was fine. Granted it was me and a couple of other people so it wasn't a big team or anything. We didn't use it for calendaring or chat because Outlook and Slack.

@Antanicus I would check out Cloudron as it provides one-click installs of great open source web apps (Nextcloud included) glued together with a central user database and with automatic updates and backups.

@Antanicus Nextcloud will do all of that.

I havn't heard anything from Sandstorm for a long while, although it seemed ok.
Next cloud is neat.

though you can install individual app to get more out it then using a suit like nextcloud.

I feel you are good to start with Next cloud for starter.

If you own VPS or simply get an account on Digital ocean and can set up #YunoHost for easy click to install apps.

And Welcome to self-hosting!


@Antanicus long-time user, but just for the basics: storage, calendar and few contacts (no chat or sharing with other users). It works pretty well. Never tried Stormcloud.
For file synching only, I think also is a good option.

I've substituted BitTorrent (resilio) sync with sync thing and it's working very well.
I use it to sync a folder of common files between more roaming machines


I have no experience with Sandstorm so I can't fairly compare the two but I can say I am very satisfied with Nextcloud + Collabora CODE for file sharing, calendar management, and document editing. As far as chat goes, Nextcloud Talk is supposed to be very good but I've never done more than a few quick tests with it. If you have an XMPP account or if you can set up a server (I recommend Prosody), there is an XMPP app for Nextcloud.

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