Question: how can I get the maps from the Maps app to be displayed in Osmand? I mean, look at these two screenshots of the same exact place...
Not only the default Osmand maps look like crap, but they also appear to have caching problems (tiles take some time to be loaded when panning) which are absent in the Maps app. Is there any way to do this?

@Antanicus does not provide their tiles to anybody

@Antanicus @shura BTW, osmand has a lot of map styles, so you can change it

@Antanicus when using _vector maps,_ downloaded inside #OsmAnd, of course, you do. Do you use vector maps or tile ones?

Tried that too, with very little satisfaction, unfortunately.

Still, I'd rather use a worse-looking map that's free than a fancy one that's not.

Thanks for the replies!

@shura @Antanicus I can't agree with you. gets thousands of new people in openstreetmap. And it advertise how OSM can be useful

@Antanicus I don't think you can. Both #OSMAnd and #MapsMe are showing vector based maps. So it's really a question of styling and software programming. They don't use 'tiles'.

If you like over OSMAnd (I do too). why not switch to MapsMe? Why bother with OSMAnd? There's a FLOSS fork of MapsMe called "Maps" on fdroid which doesn't include adverts or tracking.

I'm in fact testing maps already (the screenshot in the prev toot is from the fdroid app) but Osmand is still ages ahead when it comes to advanced features.

Also, thanks for the explanation about vector maps!

@Antanicus yeah #OSMAnd really has way more features than #MapMe. To me that's sometimes a downside! I can often forget how to do things on osmand and have to poke the settings too much,

I wonder if it's possible to write a style for osmand that looks better, like the style? 🤔

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