@Antanicus cats should be communal pets not household pets, fight me to the death on this one

@SourdoughSocialism well, to a certain extent they already are... Cats at my mom's place sometimes vanish for days during spring and summer and god knows where they end up sleeping and feeding

@Antanicus @SourdoughSocialism
each one of my cats is a free person, also if they have been neutered in the refuge where i got them. but i don't agree about dogs, they are not submissive but just collaborative and gregarious - cats do not have herds but dog do. they may become submissive but usually it happens for some kind of violence. people should know a bit of ethology before getting a "pet" but who cares? ->

@Antanicus @SourdoughSocialism nice puppy ahah *hands on face since puppyhood* (hands on face for dogs is a submission - we should never disrespect a dog putting hands on their face and head!).

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