“Google’s Sundar Pichai: Privacy Should Not Be a Luxury Good … Yes, we use data to make products more helpful for everyone. But we also protect your information.” – NYTimes “The Privacy Project”


1. Fuck you, Sundar
2. Fuck you, NYTimes, and fuck your “privacy project”, you whitewashing muppets

#SurveillanceCapitalism #WhiteWashing #BigData #BigTech #Google #NYTimes



"Chrome will implement anti-fingerprinting tech and change cookies to be more private so only the site that created them can use them."

Now let this sink in...

Source: techcrunch.com/2019/05/07/show

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I really don't feel like Surveillance Capitalism exists. It's just plain old Capitalism. Yes, Google is tackling privacy for their own ends. However, we shouldn't be knocking the fact that the end result is a good thing. Unlike Facebook who has no incentive to add privacy focused features.

It's Capitalism itself that we should be pissed off at, not Google specifically.

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