So, I've been thinking. And you're all right. Neutral will never bring on change.

#FLOSS is riddled with the "we must stay neutral" mentality, this creates a problem in this space, it simply isn't safe for minorities to participate in a lot of the conversations.

This means being neutral isn't neutral at all.

Who's onboard to work on FLOSS from an anti-racist, intersectional feminist perspective?

@maloki I tried for years, well before the present uptick in extremely online fascism and their ~radical centrist~ enablers, but I got burned out and, in some ways, pushed out.

To me foss has always felt like a coiled spring aching with anticapitalist and radical potential, but so much of it (yesterday&today) is run by dipshits who are heavy invested in the status quo. & While I don't have a lot of faith... seeing actually-rad foss folks on mastodon is giving me some srs hope tho!


I once knew a guy who worked at Red Hat as a community organizer. He was a fiercely anti-chavist Venezuelan expat who claimed to have absolutely no interest in the social and political message of FOSS and once even told me "I don't care, I want to enjoy capitalism"

If these are the folks who organise the community, we have a ton of work on our hands...


I mean, yeah, I know. But I'm going to look for allies first, and go from there. Doesn't have to be all at once, but we will spoon our way forward to make a change.

Don't get me wrong I didn't mean to de-motivate you in any way, I just wanted to share a bit of personal experience that reinforces your point :)

I've been promoting the idea of replacing BDFL figures with accountable and democratic co-operative governance for years, so this is definitely my fight too.


@Antanicus yeah! I got it, kind of. I just wanted to emphasize what my thoughts are.


@Antanicus @maloki I may have even been in the same circles as that person (though I think I would remember them if we ever met irl, lol). I did know a lot of folks who (like myself) were working with open source software/various *nixes in the fancy business world who saw it as a form of harm reduction... but in the end the systems we built were no less harmful than anything else coming from the corporate world at the time. Just cheaper. :blobmiou:

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