A question for the federated hive mind: are there any portals where I can book a BnB in without giving money to Airbnb?


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I've never used that one, but what I do with is I browse for a nice place, then get their phone number and call them direct.

Don't know if you can get contact details on that other platform though, and googling Japanese places is not going to be that straightforward unless you speak the language.

@codewiz might be able to answer this question or know someone who can. (Hope you don't mind the tag.)


@emsenn @Antanicus In my first month in Tokyo I stayed at this co-living space for international people:
It was an, but the Tokyo location was recently shut down :-(

(I don't mind being tagged in threads)

@emsenn @Antanicus How long are you staying? Youth hostels and guest houses are nicer and cleaner than most hotels in other countries.

@codewiz I don't really need to be kept in this thread, but I'm glad I've made the connection between you two! @Antanicus

@emsenn @Antanicus It's too bad there isn't a "mute thread" option, like in most email clients!
(don't worry, I'll drop you in the next reply)

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I will be staying for 18 days, but I plan to be moving a bit (Tokyo / Kyoto / Osaka at least). I would prefer BnB accommodations over ho(s)tels so I can do some shopping and eat properly instead of having to eat out all the time (and for the privacy too)


@Antanicus a few years ago, I did two homestays with people who host foreigners for language exchange. It was fun, but of course they expect to spend time together learning your language.

@Antanicus btw, if I had a proper guest room i would have already offered it... My apartment is a tiny studio and the rent costs the same of a 3 bedroom house in a suburban area.

@Matt_Noyes @Antanicus

hmmm... good question. I never really know where to look myself.

Semantics: in Japan ryokan or minshuku are more 'bnb' than airbnbs- where you are basically just renting someone's empty apartment.

When are you coming to Japan? I would love to host!

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