Video game idea:

You play as a new hire in some SV corp. The gameplay revolves around handling your workday events (checking emails, answering calls, solving puzzles in the form of spreadsheets, meeting colleagues etc..). Each workday has recurring as well as random events. You need to manage your work/life balance while getting things done.

Short after being assigned to a new project, you begin noticing odd exchanges, references to other projects with ominous code names etc... that pick the interest both you and some of your colleagues.

As you decide which lead to follow, the troubling truth about what the corporation is actually working on begins to unfold.

Your goal becomes collecting enough evidence to expose the company.

@Antanicus "Your goal becomes collecting enough evidence to gain meta-class/AIconsciuosness"



The game is structured like a visual novel, with each route focusing on a different secret to investigate. If you complete all the routes, you can access the secret vaporwave room.

So basically, Deus Ex but you are an office worker.

@Antanicus I like this idea, although if it was true to life, would it have a happy ending for your character?

@Antanicus and maybe you should be careful about which documents you read or open, because the company could be able to control you (It would be great if you, as a player, didn't have the proof of this control but you could only suppose its existence)! This would justify the possibility to log into other employees' accounts (with obvious moral consequences!)
Love this game idea! :)

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