"Lawyers and accountants for the UK’s richest families said they had been deluged with calls from millionaire and billionaire clients asking for help and advice on moving countries, shifting their fortunes offshore and making early gifts to their children to avoid the Labour leader’s threat to tax all inheritances above £125,000."

To be added on the guillotine list: the traitors helping the rich.



"Josie Hills, a senior tax manager at Pinsent Masons, said not being able to educate their children at Eton, Harrow or Winchester was a key worry for many of the law firm’s rich clients, who were considering moving to Switzerland and other low-tax countries with well-regarded private schools."

Apologies to English speaking comrades, but this calls for a distinctively Italian exclamation than cannot be translated: PORCODDIO

"Peter Hargreaves, who has an estimated fortune of £3bn and co-founded the stockbroker Hargreaves Lansdown, warned Corbyn’s plans would be an “own goal and leave the country much worse off”. He added: “It has been proven time and time again: there is only so much you can tax a nation before the tax take starts to go down because people will leave."

And that's why you fucking arrest the rich and exproriate their wealth overnight

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"Hargreaves said he paid about £40m in tax last year, and “if 50 of us [the biggest taxpayers] got on a plane and left, that would put a big hole in the chancellor’s budget”

This is Italian mafia threats 101, if you didn't know. These people are literally criminals and need to be treated accordingly.

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@Antanicus Total revenue from taxation in the UK is about £800billion, so this £2billion would be 0.25%. Idle threats.

@wim_v12e nonetheless, the mob mentality is clearly there: "nice taxation revenue you have, it would be a shame if something happened to it"

@Antanicus Oh yes, it's clearly meant as a threat. I'm just saying that it's an idle one. Plus of course there would be huge benefits to society if there were no super-rich, this article nicely makes that case:

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