@Antanicus yup, I'm over here trying to figure out if 3/4 an acre is big enough to put up a decent wind turbine

@Antanicus technically, I'm gen X (or Y), but still apply to me.
It's almost the content of my ereader right now.

@Antanicus except for that I think Gen Z is a little older then 12 by now
Don't forget zombies. And boomers killed unicorns but won't admit it.

Image description:

Boomers (old people having a fun talk):

* Climate has always changed!
* 100 years away!
* Technology will fix it!
* UN conspiracy!

Gen Z (a teenage girl crying while having to read several books):

* How to make wind turbines
* Surviving apocalypses
* Permaculture
* Electric vehicle design
* Prepping for dummies
* Climate science 101

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