@Antanicus Gen Z deserves better than what we can give them and the boomers aren't even trying.

@DissidentKitty @Antanicus oh no, the state of inaction is *quite* deliberate. Bougies know the apocalypse is happening and they plan to leave us behind.

@Pyretta @DissidentKitty @Antanicus Yep. They basically got in charge of the boat, put it in collision course with some rocks, said "up yours, suckers!" To everyone else and jumped off to drown while we're stuck in the boat trying to not hit the rocks.
After they've been ignoring us telling them "you're gonna hit those rocks if we don't change course".

@Antanicus yup, I'm over here trying to figure out if 3/4 an acre is big enough to put up a decent wind turbine

@Antanicus technically, I'm gen X (or Y), but still apply to me.
It's almost the content of my ereader right now.

@Antanicus except for that I think Gen Z is a little older then 12 by now
Don't forget zombies. And boomers killed unicorns but won't admit it.

Image description:

Boomers (old people having a fun talk):

* Climate has always changed!
* 100 years away!
* Technology will fix it!
* UN conspiracy!

Gen Z (a teenage girl crying while having to read several books):

* How to make wind turbines
* Surviving apocalypses
* Permaculture
* Electric vehicle design
* Prepping for dummies
* Climate science 101

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