"The document, published by Berners-Lee’s Web Foundation, has the backing of more than 150 organisations, from Microsoft, Google and Facebook to the digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

If you wanted to make sure I'd never trust this contract, well you just succeeded.


"Those who back the contract must show they are implementing the principles and working on solutions to the tougher problems, or face being removed from the list of endorsers."

Such disciplinary action, much punishment!

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"Further principles oblige companies to make internet access affordable and calls on them to develop web services for people with disabilities and those who speak minority languages. To build trust online, companies are compelled to simplify privacy settings by providing control panels where people can access their data and manage their privacy options in one place."

this is so naive I'm almost moved to tears

@Antanicus The approach I trust: give browsers more teeth in defending privacy.

Though that more and more just means Google, so ummmmm....

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