@Antanicus so many questions, the most prominent among them being "literally why is this gendered"

you'll laugh, but I actually think this is a good idea 😅

The only thing that I think could still be improved, is if they made the strap into a wire, such that the sound signal could go into the AirPods via the wire and they wouldn't need a battery or bluetooth anymore.

@maltimore @Antanicus yknow i heard about this being done a while ago but i wasnt sure if it was real? like, airpods with cables, that would be weird haha.

@maltimore @Antanicus
Perfect idea, because lots of people fear radio waves and maybe also wifi or BT. They would love to listen to music streaming without BT for shure.

@Antanicus @skynebula the strategy is well known now: remove usb or hdmi ports & sell dongles, etc.


You could make this with twine and duct tape and you'd still have twine and duct tape left over to do other stuff

@Antanicus @skynebula “lose a single AirPod again”? If I bought air pods and lost one I wouldn’t be able to afford a new one. It would be over. My foolhardy adventure trying overpriced electronic junk would have come to a close for ever and ever.

@dj @Antanicus And there are ones that are even cheaper like ones for glasses and earplugs.

@Antanicus Now if someone could come up with a mounting slot on the phone so you can attach the earpods to it so they don't get separated...

@Antanicus 60 motherfucking American dollars?

Oh, wait, it's for Apple crap. Nvm.

@Antanicus i still dont understand people mocking this thing

the advantage of bluetooth earpods/headphones include being more portable and also having a lack of a wire going from the headphones to the phone; these dont negate either of those advantages, it just ensures you wont lose them like a silly dick

now: the concept of the wireless earpods themselves? yeah i dont get that. nor do i get the SIXTY DOLLAR PRICETAG on that strap holy shit

@Antanicus I love the fact that this is either a male only item, or male only problem...

Do women just *not* lose airpods? Do they not wear them?

@Antanicus This joke of a product wouldn't be complete without the $60 price tag. Well done.

@Antanicus i like how they leave a hole so you can still show off the fact there's no wire

@Antanicus i guess the next step is to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack and use it as a recharge port for the airpods. OH wait, then why do they need to be wireless again?

it sounds like a #jcvd meme. isn't it an iCarry ? the one that burned its wings for not limiting its technology usage ?

@Antanicus i hate to defend this but i've found that my headphone jack often breaks eventually on every phone i ever get after a while and it seems like a wireless connection would be useful just for that regardless of the presence of cables

60 fucking bucks is robbery tho

@katie @Antanicus ACTUALLLY! what would be EVEN BETTER! is headphones with jacks! Some more expensive ones already work like that. That is: the phone part has a jack slot, and the wire has two jacks, one on each end. So you can easily replace the wire, no soldering required.

Also: Beter! Cables! Now! There are some headphones that have spiraled cables, like the kind you find on wired landline phones.
They are thick and bendy, I doubt they would break easily.

@katie @Antanicus Basically: ear/headphones break because of planned obsolescence. Wireless ones are only a local maximum in the optimization space in this regard.

@katie @Antanicus But for stuff like exercising and stuff, where there is a real chance of the wires getting stuck, the wirelessness is more justified.

@grainloom @Antanicus well my headphones are like that, but i meant that the jack breaks on the phone itself which can't be fixed by extra cables
also it's likely for the jack on the headphones to also break

@katie @Antanicus Huh. Are they hard to solder back? It's odd that that part would be likely to break... like, it doesn't _seem_ hard to prevent.

@grainloom @Antanicus well even assuming the phone could be opened up to do the soldering to begin with i wouldn't know how to fix it myself
but yeah it definitely happens, and it often happens on whatever fancy headphones i get that have replaceable cables too

@katie @Antanicus Hhhuh. My family had some old headphones and when I brought it into a shop to be repaired, the person said it's such a simple procedure, they'll do it for free.
But that one didn't have jacks on the phone. But it was, like, super old.

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