@Antanicus so many questions, the most prominent among them being "literally why is this gendered"

you'll laugh, but I actually think this is a good idea 😅

The only thing that I think could still be improved, is if they made the strap into a wire, such that the sound signal could go into the AirPods via the wire and they wouldn't need a battery or bluetooth anymore.

@maltimore @Antanicus honest question: have you ever used AirPods? They're seriously the best consumer product in a decade. I can leave my phone somewhere and walk around my entire house and still be connected. They work through walls and floors.
@Antanicus @maltimore the number of times I used to snag my headphones cables on things while working was infuriating. They'd get ripped out of my ears, break the headphones. I was paying about $200/year for replacement wired headphones.

It's not about the weight of the phone. Sometimes you don't have pockets or free hands. My wife is a baker and she can be elbow deep in dough and still listen to music/audiobooks and take calls. Wired headphones would be a health code violation because they'd touch everything unintentionally

@feld @Antanicus @maltimore lead the wire under your shirt to your phone in your pocket?

@Awizadofearthsea @Antanicus @maltimore and then you pull the phone out of your pocket and it yanks your headphones out of your ears / down your shirt? been there, done that

@feld @Antanicus @maltimore yeah, I don't have that problem, I just unplug the head phones if I have to move my phone around, but oh well, not really worth fighting about I suppose

@Awizadofearthsea @Antanicus @maltimore it's one of those things where your lifestyle and habits have to make using wired headphones a living hell.

i do not miss knotted up headphones in my pocket either. or my phone needing to charge so i can't walk away from it and still be on the call.

@feld @Antanicus @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea I'm completely turned off by this kind of technical overkill: headphones I need to connect via Bluetooth, which have to be recharged and are easily lost just to avoid wiring. I prefer the simplest solution if there's no real advantage. Headphones => plug in => works.

@stefan @Antanicus @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea I never need to "recharge" my headphones. I put them in the case when I'm done with them and pull them out when I need them. They charge in the case, so every time I pull them out they're back to 100%.

Case gets charged maybe once a week.

I've never lost them.
@stefan @Antanicus @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea additionally, the "bluetooth" part is transparent.

They work on my iphone, on my Macbook, even on my AppleTV without me doing anything special. They just work. No pairing required after the first connection to one of your devices.

And what's really great is that when traveling if my wife wants me to listen to something we don't need to find a Y-cable for headphones. She clicks one button and my phone asks if it's OK for her to share the audio, and then it streams to my airpods.

@feld @Antanicus @stefan @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea
Wait, how does that work? Sound sharing phone to phone? Is that related to the air-pods?

For the record, I'm on team bluetooth, but I prefer bigger bulkier on-ear headphones that I won't suddenly lose while cycling in heavy traffic.

@kingannoy @Antanicus @stefan @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea it's part of the Airpods special bluetooth features. Any nearby Airpods-capable headphones show up as an output device on your phone (Airpods, Airpods Pro, the Beats stuff) and you can choose it, but they have to approve it from their phone/device before it will connect.

@feld @Antanicus @stefan @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea
That's wild! Two headset's listening to one device?

Recently someone asked me (as their tech-savy friend😅) how they could both listen to the same radio/podcast while running. Bluetooth doesn't offer a option for two receivers by default. Most workarounds to that are REALLY klutzy. I actually advised them air-pods, but not for this feature, but to simply wear one each! 😂

@kingannoy @Antanicus @stefan @maltimore @Awizadofearthsea yep, it's a great feature! I don't know if there's a limit on how many you can broadcast to at the same time

@maltimore @Antanicus yknow i heard about this being done a while ago but i wasnt sure if it was real? like, airpods with cables, that would be weird haha.

@maltimore @Antanicus
Perfect idea, because lots of people fear radio waves and maybe also wifi or BT. They would love to listen to music streaming without BT for shure.

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@Antanicus 60 dollars for a string of thread. thanks nordstrom!

@Antanicus @skynebula the strategy is well known now: remove usb or hdmi ports & sell dongles, etc.


You could make this with twine and duct tape and you'd still have twine and duct tape left over to do other stuff

@Antanicus @skynebula “lose a single AirPod again”? If I bought air pods and lost one I wouldn’t be able to afford a new one. It would be over. My foolhardy adventure trying overpriced electronic junk would have come to a close for ever and ever.

@dj @Antanicus And there are ones that are even cheaper like ones for glasses and earplugs.
@Antanicus wired headphones suck though. They get knotted/tangled, the wire severs from stress, requires you be right next to your phone.

Also, here you go. They'll do the same thing.

@Antanicus Now if someone could come up with a mounting slot on the phone so you can attach the earpods to it so they don't get separated...

@Antanicus 60 motherfucking American dollars?

Oh, wait, it's for Apple crap. Nvm.

@Antanicus i still dont understand people mocking this thing

the advantage of bluetooth earpods/headphones include being more portable and also having a lack of a wire going from the headphones to the phone; these dont negate either of those advantages, it just ensures you wont lose them like a silly dick

now: the concept of the wireless earpods themselves? yeah i dont get that. nor do i get the SIXTY DOLLAR PRICETAG on that strap holy shit

@Antanicus I love the fact that this is either a male only item, or male only problem...

Do women just *not* lose airpods? Do they not wear them?

@Antanicus This joke of a product wouldn't be complete without the $60 price tag. Well done.

@Antanicus i like how they leave a hole so you can still show off the fact there's no wire

@Antanicus i guess the next step is to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack and use it as a recharge port for the airpods. OH wait, then why do they need to be wireless again?

it sounds like a #jcvd meme. isn't it an iCarry ? the one that burned its wings for not limiting its technology usage ?

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