@Antanicus nah it’s just ageism and pointless targetting of a group to feel superior

@felix keep spreading hate comrade, see if it helps

@papush @felix

It isn't about ageism, it's about who destroyed the future of who.

@bluberrycookie @felix rich people of all ages. even among the elderly there are plenty that live in precarity, with barely enough to get by. some live in the streets. many can’t afford to get treated for their various illnesses. all of this because the people in charge, young and old, prioritize the maximization of benefits for shareholders over all else. don’t waste your time on petty age wars…

@papush @felix

It's not about ageeee, good grief. My mum is not a "ok boomer" kind of woman, my aunts are. It's a mind status and a world's vision, first of all, mostly connected with people who do not understand this era's problems.

@bluberrycookie @felix don’t call them boomers then. you sound like those racists trying to convince everyone that nigger is a general insult and has nothing to do with ethnicity.

@bluberrycookie @papush @felix ageism? First of all, this whole thing started because pundits keep using “millennials” as an insult and blaming them for destruction. Generational cohorts aren’t _our_ invention.

But secondly, they’re also not ageist. It’s not about “old people don’t get it”. It’s about what context each generation grew up in.

@bluberrycookie I'm just not sure how calling people names is supposed to help.

@papush @felix hate is absolutely justifiable against the enemy

@iagomago @felix well here’s hoping you never get access to a firearm.

you know that same line of reasoning has utterly destroyed millions of lives in the past, right?

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@Antanicus actualllyyyyy


but people born after that too.

I mean, ok they are not in the economical "boom", and that may be the biggest difference. But their life is still built upon colonialism, slavery, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc. It didn't really change, right ?

@soza @Antanicus exactly, its a bit funny that nothing has changed, situation is the same (colonialism, oil burning & patriarchy), but people blame the former generation for that. Like class doesnt matter...

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