@Antanicus Most "gamers“ I ever talked to are complete idiots, just shitty big corporations fanboys with 0 brain… They accepted
- DLC as if it was "extensions" to the original game
- DRMs that prevent them from reselling old games they don't use anymore or didn't like, because hey "piracy" is a legitimate corcern… Poor companies dying because of "piracy"…
- online DRMs on fucking games they buyer 70€ and won't be able to play anymore once - 1/2

DRMs companies decide to shutdown the DRM servers, or simply when the DRM servers have technical problems.

And now they even find it acceptable to rent an access "a gaming machine on the cloud" by paying each month/year, because "It's better! It's more powerful than my computer and costs less" as if they paid only once and have unlimited bandwidth/some fucking negative latency on the magical land of "the cloud"… @Antanicus - 2/2

gamer here, stadia terrifies me because when they have that much power you know they're going to abuse the hell out of it. it sounds cool, but what i just mentioned plus the fact google is running it makes it bad.

about DRM, things like SecuROM are just dumb. Yay I bought Crysis on Steam why is there a 50 machine activation limit.

this post brought to you by i-just-woke-up department

@cuteascii @Antanicus That's why I said *Most*, not all.

I play video games occasionally as well, but no "cloud" bullshit and other non-sense crap for me. Be it google, or other similar crap. It should work offline or "fuck off $whoEverMadeIt".

@devnull @cuteascii @Antanicus This is the only thing that makes me not play any games, it makes me sad, as a child I grew up playing pc games, those games that were, buy once, yours forever. But looking at the industry now shows how greedy and monopolistic it has become.

@devnull @Antanicus you say most, but all those things are incredibly unpopular, so i think its a small but loud proportion of people

@radikalgrafitio Accepted doesn't mean popular. They may be unpopular but not many people boycott the video games industry for this crap…


@devnull @Antanicus an individual boycott wont change anything, and one targeting the enter games industry would not make sense since there are lots of games that dont do those things

you need something coordinated, with a specific target and objective, preferably involving workers in the industry

@radikalgrafitio I never said "individual boycott" would change anything. I just said most gamers find these crap acceptable enough to keep buying these crap without protesting.

And there things aren't rare, most, except a few exception (or "non-DRM" versions with are usually incomplete versions of their DRMised counterpart) PC games are concerned. And newers consoles are following the PC games path, it's a global issue, not just some isolated cases…


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@Antanicus gamers were also very deeply indoctrinated into tech capitalist progress narratives though. throughout the 90s and 00s the big publishers' + platforms' marketing pushed this sort of anti intellectualist tribalism, taught them that a game's quality is this objective quantity and that more advanced technology and higher production values == better. and then post 9/11 american gamers were just bathed in racist imperialist war porn. so the stage was definitely set.

@Antanicus a "gamer" is a personal identity constructed primarily if not exclusively around the consumption of the exact sort of artificially scarcified, arbitrarily priced luxury product that capitalism is desgined to maximize production of

i don't think the left, or really any human or post-human concern other than the capitalist Machine, ever had them as a group as anything other than an occasional temporary situational ally

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@Antanicus Honestly how did they fall for right-wing tactics? They should hate capitalism yet claim it'll fix muh games.

@Antanicus this is across the board with personal computers and related tech. as well. I don't know how this happened exactly, but I think about it a lot.

@Antanicus Just going to make a very obvious video suggestion about how capitalism has ruined gaming on case anyone hasn't seen this youtu.be/IYkLVU5UGM8

@Antanicus idk. in my experience most games were and still are designed in a toxicly competitive way: it is about winning the game, and in order to win, others have to lose. add the amounts of money you have to spend to have an edge, or even just enjoy, contemporary games, and i don't understand how any mind could be boggled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(i guess a few implied questions were rather rhetorical, yet still... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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