"In 2007, researchers logging questions asked by children aged 14 months to five years found they asked an average of 107 questions an hour. One child was asking three questions a minute at his peak.

But research from Susan Engel (...) finds questioning drops like a stone once children start school."


"Teachers who concentrate on developing focus and good behaviour because of the links to good academic performance, now need to take on board that developing curiosity could be even more important."

Who'd have thought that letting kids be kids instead of forcing them to become mindless cogs in the capitalist machine would be good for them? Wild.

"In one lesson she observed, a ninth grader raised her hand to ask if there were any places in the world where no one made art. The teacher stopped her mid-sentence with, “Zoe, no questions now, please; it’s time for learning.”

Zoe, please be patient as I, the authority, tell you what is worth knowing and what is not.

“School kills curiosity. When do children get to ask questions about things that interest them? As soon as they are at primary school they have to shut up and learn. It’s not the fault of teachers. They have so many targets to meet.”

Shut the fucking capitalist school down now.

In order to do that, we need to remove Conservatives from any instance of power, humiliating them with the power of powerlessness.

No lashes. Just strip them of any power.

If you know someone who has weaponized beliefs, isolate them. Do not go gently against them. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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