Conservatives: "there is no way human actions can influence a system so vast and complex as the Earth, climate change is a natural phenomenon"

Literally 30 days of factory shutdown in China:

@Antanicus scusa il link, ma come avevo gia fatto notare tempo fa se chiude la fabbrica del mondo tempo 2 mesi e ridiamo

1 mese dopo :

@Monta ah yes, la rinomata razionalità dei capitalisti... "mettiamo tutte le fabbriche del mondo in un solo posto, cosa potrà mai andare storto?"

@Antanicus la famosa mano fantasma in verita indicava il micromondo dei virus

Non avevamo capito noi

@Antanicus Good. The ecosystem is self-regulating as it has done for billions of years.

Life on Earth will go on. Either with or without humans. Honestly it seems to me that Mother Gaia is being kind to us, sending only a minor plague for now.

I wouldn't like to try her patience any further.


Also conspiracy theorists that think climate change is a conspiracy and humans can't change climate: the government is changing the climate with chemtrails

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