@Antanicus Sending hugs to you and yours in Italy.

@Antanicus I'm okay, I'm only worried for everybody else.

@Antanicus the rich ate getting trillions of dollars to put right back into the money burning machine (the stock market)

wonder how long it'll take them to notice that without anyone to produce actual stuff that people can go out and buy with money they earn all those stocks are just monopoly money

Perhaps better is:
Stop spending billions of billions of $ on wars, weapon and of course #biological weapons.

@kep why? Let's make the best of this situation and destroy them

@Antanicus yes. Why do you blame rich people for a virus?

@Jonius LOL

Do yourself a favor and read some Marx, you'll understand in no time

@Antanicus I doubt that Marx blamed the rich for a virus. He was well educated and even rich himself.

@Jonius LOL are you serious? I don't have time for this bullshit. Go educate yourself and stop bothering me with crap like "Marx didn't blame rich people for viruses"

@Antanicus Too bad, I would have been interested to see how you construct the connection.

@Jonius @Antanicus the wet market in China served the rich. The spread of the virus has been maximized by capitalism: forcing sick people to work, dismantling social safety nets. This is the 1% virus, fully owned and operated.


@Jonius @Antanicus these rich fucks then turn around and try to spread racist shit by focusing on where it started instead if *why it started* and *why it spread*.

@Hex @Antanicus funny, you blame the rich for where the virus started (on a market for the rich) and blame them for blaming someone for where it started. 🤔

@Jonius @Antanicus I can produce a more cogent sentence than that with a with a Markov model and a pair of dice. Write a better bot.

@Hex @Antanicus I have highlighted a simple contradiction. What does it say about your arguments if you need to avoid mine, telling me I was a bot instead.

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