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This is a great time for me to remind all my Minnesota friendos hitting the streets
that standard facial recognition software utilizes at least six data points that
includes eyes, brows and ears. So if you mask up, wear a hat, hood, tuck that hair
AND COVER THOSE EARS. Make sure your bandana/mask has a pattern to
confound the software's analysis of the curves of the bottom half of your face. And
if you get caught on tape, they'll do gait analysis too. Keep all these things in mind
if you decide to go out. They're using 40MM ink balls to tag anyone throwing rocks.
These rounds are lethal at close range. Also, cops use duct tape to pin down the
release valve on tear gas canisters and it turns tear gas into a fucking bomb. That's
what blew up two activists at Standing Rock. One almost lost her arm and the other
was permanently blinded. De-arrests are holy. Stay frosty!

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