"The very idea of a machine set loose to slaughter is chilling. And yet some of the world’s largest militaries seem to be creeping toward developing such weapons, by pursuing a logic of deterrence: they fear being crushed by rivals’ AI if they can’t unleash an equally potent force."

Who's up for a new cold war?

"(...) nations are pouring massive resources into military applications of AI, and many citizens don’t know or don’t care. Yet that quiescent attitude may change over time, as the domestic use of AI surveillance ratchets up, and that technology is increasingly identified with shadowy apparatuses of control, rather than democratically accountable local powers."

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"The advance of AI use in the military, police, prisons and security services is less a rivalry among great powers than a lucrative global project by corporate and government elites to maintain control over restive populations at home and abroad. Once deployed in distant battles and occupations, military methods tend to find a way back to the home front. They are first deployed against unpopular or relatively powerless minorities, and then spread to other groups."

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@Antanicus Eh si' l'avevo letto. Secondo me il punto centrale non e' tanto l'introduzione di una nuova arma. La cosa piu' spaventosa e', come scrivono un paio di volte, il limite che si sbriciola fra la guerra ed il controllo poliziesco ad libitum. L'asimmetria degli armamenti fra occupanti ed occupati.

@tenib sto giusto leggendo quel paragrafo. La definizione "weapon of amnesiac postcolonial violence" è strepitosa

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