"The heating effect of carbon dioxide persists for 10,000 years or more, absent unproven technologies for scrubbing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. In contrast, the sun-dimming particles in question drop out in a year or less, meaning that if you come to rely on geoengineering for survival, you need to keep it up essentially forever. Think of it as climate methadone. And if we are ever forced to stop, we are hit with dangerous withdrawal symptoms – a catastrophic “termination shock” wherein a century of pent-up global heating emerges within a decade."

Dismantling capitalism is our only hope, technology won't save us.


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Ancora di più, il particolato che ci avvelena, prodotto dalle stesse fonti che fanno i gas serra, quando filtra nella parte alta dell'atmosfera riduce la luce solare. Nel passaggio alle fonti rinnovabili tale schifezza sparirà in pochi anni, e i gas serra, che durano più a lungo, colpiranno con effetto pieno.
E' una cazzo di trappola.

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