Muslims in India have been economically marginalized for decades, politically marginalized for the last 5 years, and from yesterday, they have been legally marginalized too!

@AshokSwain the fact is INDIA is a poor nation, over the years govt be it upa or nda is trying to take steps to correct it, modi govt even announced 51000 for every Muslim women who graduate, schemes such as nirmal Bharat later on swacch Bharat , Jan dhan yojana not only benefited Hindu’s but Muslims too. Ayushman yojna also benefited Muslims, law to ban Instant triple talaq has also seen light of day because of this govt.

@AshokSwain one more thing since 2014 elections vote bank politics was prevailent since 2014 this has been broken, see election of Haryana in 2019 and 2014 it voted in such a way that jaats didn’t remain only factor in deciding who will form govt ( I’m a jaat myself),

People in state of falsehood and denial. You can wake up who is actually sleeping but those acting and in denial whatever done can’t be satisfied. Only blaming game.

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