First you turn "favourite" into "like", then you make "like" do stupid shit, then you have to remove the "like" because it does stupid shit :thounking:

@Gargron Favourite-like has always seems like it's the wrong feature. People never used it for what it presented itself as.

Wondering if Slack-style freeform emoji reactions aren't a lot closer to what people actually want.

@WAHa_06x36 @Gargron

I often use the “Likes” more as a bookmark than as an appreciation.

Whit the “Likes” mechanism I tend to write my tweets/toots less in a “open to dialogue” form and more in a “look-who-gets-more-likes game”.

In fact boosting/retweeting something that you appreciate should be enough.

Without the social bias of knowing how many people just boosted/retweeted that content, i feel a little more free and responsible in my boost/retweet choiches.

@Ca_Gi @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron I use it 50/50 as a favorite and as acknowledgement for the original sender.

@robert @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron
I also use it as an acknoweledgement sometimes, but in most cases when it happens (not always), I feel it as a sort of “dialogue defeat”. Something like “Hmm, well, I agree with this, but I have nothing more to say and it isn’t something I think deserve to be spreaded, therefore I simply applaud, like a mute viewer of this show”.
Maybe it’s exxagerated, but also IRL these mechanism gives an end to the dialogue.

@Ca_Gi ~same. I use the favourite button 2 ways, which may not be as intended, but seems commonly understood.
1) When post is @ me, it means, I acknowledge receiving but have no further response. 2) I liked what you posted, separate from whether I choose to boost it.
Since I use it so often for those things, I rarely use it simply as a bookmark because I'd never find it again among the others anyway.

@robert @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron


@leadore @robert @WAHa_06x36 @Gargron I think that if the usage of the favorite button was communicated only to the author and not to the public, it will help to improve the quality of the discussions.

@Ca_Gi Since you have to directly open the toot to see the favorites, that probably helps. Maybe there should even be a separate "salute" button for simple acknowledgements that are private to the author, which could steer use of the favourite button back toward its intended use.

@leadore That could be an idea. The point is that if the public DOESN'T see the "fav counter" the gamification will be less.

@Ca_Gi Yeah, I don't even get that mentality, but I'm new to social media.

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