As a leftist, there is nothing I detest more than free speech. This is why I wholeheartedly support the recent mastodon update, which algorithmically identifies and deletes any and all free speech.


@peptostate From a non-american point of view, the american use of the term “free speech” to describe at the same time the right of expressing ideas and create a dialogue but also the denial of that right sound as the word “medicine” used at the same time for life saving medicines but also for lethal poison. 😶

@Ca_Gi @peptostate I like how the anglo-left start hating any of its own values as soon as its enemies start using them. If the right goes against war, they suddenly are pro-war now.

@dirb Yep. That simplicistic manichean view... 😩. Also, in this case I suppose that this rigid interpretation of “freedom of speech” depends from a simplicistic schematism. I mean... “sexual freedom” doesn’t mean also freedom of rape, right? @peptostate

@Ca_Gi @peptostate
>“sexual freedom” doesn’t mean also freedom of rape, right?
that's a clever one

@dirb @Ca_Gi Greetings @dirb. I must disagree with you. Unlike your characterization, I did not begin hating the value of free speech once my enemies (AKA Richard Peterson) began using this value. In fact, I have a long and well-documented history of hating free speech all along. I request that you please review this history before accusing me again. Thank you.

@peptostate @Ca_Gi I didn't refer to you specifically, but to the anglo-left that hates "“freedom of speech", even though that's a value that liberals around the world, that have to fight truly repressive regimens, adhere to.
@dirb @peptostate @Ca_Gi It isn't though. "Freedom of speech that we approve of" is the modern day liberal value. Look at Wikileaks or Alex Jones. They don't adhere to it unless it suits them.
@K @peptostate @Ca_Gi that's why I said "anglo-left ", people that live in shitty places and really need free speech to be able to express their discontent with their governments would disagree with them

@dirb @K @Ca_Gi Please, everybody. Your continued discussions are associating me with beliefs that I do not personally adhere to. For example, @K, just implied that I support "freedom of speech that I approve of." This is false. Even if there was freedom of speech that I approved of, I would still oppose this freedom of speech.

/me blocks @peptostate as I'm sure he would approve of it. @Ca_Gi @dirb

@dirb @peptostate @Ca_Gi you boosted someone saying "n***er" on your timeline; shut the fuck up racist

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