@Shekhar19 Hi Shekhar19. Welcome to Bida is actually the biggest italian Instance. It's based in Bologna and is run by people of the anarchic circle C.Berneri. Therefore most of our interactiins will be in italian, but we are glad to hear also different languages. Anyway, I understand that you are new here, but remember that Mastodon is not Twitter. Actually you are submerging our local timelines with posts with little or no interaction. That can be considered spamming and our admins will also inform you about that. Please, consider to slow down a little bit. Thanks.

@Shekhar19 No problem. In the last two days many people from India joined Mastodon and mostly still don't know/understand the platform and some choosed our Instance. That's pretty ok but Bida is a medium sized Instance of 6k users and therefore and the suddenly arrival of many inexperienced users must be handled.

@TheIndianTribe AFAIK the most active indian Instance is but on you can find also others. Anyway you are welcome here and you can stay as long as you need 😊 @Shekhar19

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Un'istanza mastodon antifascista prevalentemente italofona con base a Bologna - Manifesto - Cosa non si può fare qui

An antifa mostly-italian speaking mastodon istance based in Bologna - About us - What you can't do here

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