Hi, there. We want to pre-announce . It's an introductory page to Mastodon with instructions and tips to which we will shortly add a list of suggested instances.
We are still working on it and we still need to make some adjustments, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know!


Ciao. Vogliamo pre-annunciare Mastodon Startpage. Si tratta di una pagina introduttiva a Mastodon con istruzioni e spunti cui a breve aggiungeremo anche un elenco di istanze suggerite.
Ci stiamo ancora lavorando e serve ancora qualche aggiustamento, pertanto se avete osservazioni o suggerimenti, fate sapere!


Excellent idea, @Ca_Gi

Maybe name it 'Getting Started with Fediverse'?

Consider #privacy-friendly instances that work over #Tor Privacy Browser (or Tor VPN)? (includes uploading #images/#videos. Perhaps warn people about #Cloudflare instances & #centralisation.

Also we suggest including #instances that have 1000 or more #characterLimits. The #characterLimit of 500 wastes users' time because we must remove characters or split posts when discussing topics in any detail.

@dsfgs Thanks for your suggestions.

We are working on a list of suggested instances. The main difficulty is that it's hard to find certain informations: on instances.social we can find some technical infos but regarding the instance's policy we have to check them one-by-one 😒

Our goal is to have a description box for every suggested instance, centered firstly on the instance community and policy and then also give some basic technical information.

Also we will exclude from our suggestions instances that permit hate content or instances that are too big or too new and small.

Cc: @pongrebio

Yes, it's currently quite time consuming to audit an instance. You have done a great job with your page and we learnt a few things.

We are only new to the #Fediverse (or Mastodon), but based on what we've read, it really should be called the Fediverse and not Mastodon.

Fediverse is a portmanteau (or combination) of the words "Federated" and "Universe".

Is good that you won't list instances that are too big or small.


@dsfgs Well, our page is actually meant as an introduction specific to Mastodon and still so requires a lot to do 😅. Trying to explain the entire Fediverse and his platform actually would be a little bit too much for us.

After some experience we have learnt that most of the new users feel more confortable with a 'slow' introduction to the Fediverse concept: users are searching for a S.N. replacement, not the Fediverse because they still doesn't understand it.

In my eyes it would be great to have in the future other 'startpages' for Peertube, Pixelfed, Friendica and Nextcloud to introduce those platforms to Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox/iCloud users.

And all of that pages should include also an introduction to the Fediverse concept.

Most of the users appreciate >



@dsfgs > the Fediverse concept only after they have learnt to manage the main platform they are using (Mastodon).


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