🎉 Welcome to newcomers! 🎉

A few personal tips:

👌 the Fediverse is NOT twitt*r! enjoy a more relaxed, courteous, benevolent way of interacting! you are part of it!

🤚 introduce yourself! also fill bio and post a couple "toots" before following people to have more chance they'll follow back..

👍 favourite and follow generously! This is how to create link around. No algorithm-god is spying on you, telling you who to follow, what to read! \o/

⚠️ many people care about CW... learn about that



Each message ("toot") can be shared (select with icon under editor) with either:
🌍 the whole world
🔓 the whole world, but be not further listed in your timeline
🔒 only followers
✉️ only some people (ie. private message)

Different timelines (icons on top left of default interface), to see more messages/people to follow:
🏠 "home" shows everyone you follow
👥 "local" is everyone on your instance
🌍 "federated" is local+everybody followed by someone in your instance

@jz some time ago we copied the content that had been written by @Ca_Gi and others (cf here, it also contains link to the Etherpad used for the write-up). This proved quite valuable for us to get a hands-on start on the #fediverse with Mastodon/Pleroma. The document is especially fitting people coming from the #birdsite, as it presents and explains the differences.


@contact Maybe this could interest you: an updated version of that content with rame.altervista.org/mastostart

Fantastic work! 😍 I'll update our documentation links 📕
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