The evolution of a multiple Fediverse:

The word refers to the entire galaxy formed by every platform that uses it. Also, most of the Instances that populate this galaxy are interconnected and form a federation. But we are well aware that there are also Instances that have been blocked en masse here (Maga, shitposters,alt-right). And that those instances in fact form a different, -separated- federation. We may see this repeated and the current ActivityPub Galaxy may be populated by three, four or more federations. It is therefore inevitable that in order to distinguish them we will have to give specific names to denote each of these different federations and tomorrow we could find ourselves talking about an "original Fediverse" (us) as opposed to a "Magaverse" and a "Commercialverse" and so on

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@Ca_Gi I like the direction you are taking with this thinking. Tho we should remember that there are in-betweens in all these things, and there will be people who will exist in limbo between these different bubbles. The "Magaverse" exists today and it is currently still part of what is called the fediverse even if they are mostly blocked by the majority of instances. And a "Commercialverse" is likely also to end up calling it self the fediverse regardless of what us anti-capitalists think.

@liaizon Exactly! So I think it would also be helpful to start thinking about a name to call the federation we are in. It may seem unnecessary, but I am quite certain that the process of deciding on this name is instead helpful in giving a clear identity in which to refer not only to our federation as a network of Instances but also to the core values that characterize our network.

Also, I think clarity is needed on the use of the term "federation" to make it clear that being part of the Fediverse does not automatically mean being part of this or that particular federation.

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