J. S. Bach, Partita in Do minore BWV 997

Evangelina Mascardi, Liuto barocco


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@wim_v12e Yes! She makes it seem so natural, as if it were a simple thing... I can only imagine how much beautifully-hard work was put into mastering to play like this... and can only dream of learning how to play baroque lute myself!

@Eidon It looks like a very difficult instrument, compared to guitar at least.

@wim_v12e I suppose! I touched the strings of an archlute once. Ethereal strings -- strings from the heavens. I think the player-instrument relationship must be very different than with a guitar. But again, I have no experience with it...

@Eidon Something to aspire to. I can just imagine you playing Bach one day.

I have the "Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach" in an arrangement for guitar, I loved playing pieces from it when I was still playing.

@wim_v12e Thank you Wim, I hope, one day. If tings go back to some normality, I would try to follow some courses at the Leuven's conservatorium (if they would have me that is)

Oh, the Notenbüchlein! I played the Menuett in G on the piano once.

I truly hope that soon, when talking about playing, you will not use the past tense anymore ^_^

@Eidon I might, you never know. That was one of my favourite pieces to play on guitar too!
Going to the Conservatorium would be cool, I hope you can do it!

That's great to hear! I hope that one day I may listen to your playing it ^_^

Many thanks for your encouragement, Wim! Yeah, it would be the coolest to me 🎆 🎇

@Eidon I hope we can do another track together soon, it's always fun.

@wim_v12e Absolutely, it would be great! It will, I mean ^_^

And if you would like to do an instrumentation of another of my tracks, I'd really love it too!

@Eidon ultimamente sto proprio in fissa col liuto (Van Wissem) :amaze:

@Leukonoe Strumento divino! Non conosco Van Wissem, approfondirò, grazie! ^_^

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