One man. ONE man turned whole Countries mad; killed 60 Lakhs of a People, and finally committed Suicide. Now ONE man in India is Setting FIRE to the Nation, and Most Good HIndus are keeping Quiet.

One of the reasons I will never support BJP is because I don’t want any Indian to feel like a second class citizen & yes that matters to me more than development or anything. If it doesn’t to you am ashamed to share nationality with you

@Deepsealioness Has Single Handledly Destroyed Twitter By Helping Migrating Thousands Of Friends From Twitter, All I Can See Her Boosts For Several Accounts.Take A Bow For Such A Good Work.

I just saw on @Saumyakul 's profile the idiotic trolls have come here too? Kahin toh saan lene dein yeh log ek do din ke liye. Kya bigada hai humne inka?

The dangers of what Twitter did - lies with NPCI too. Ability to block anyone and not being answerable.

That's what they say -- Read

Kunnath Ramakrishnan (52) had been working as a part time sweeper for BSNL for the past 30 years.. On Thursday, he went to the telephone exchange and swept the place before killing himself.


No, ⁦⁩, democracies don’t (& shouldn’t) burn people alive. But a simple apology for the #DeMonetisationDisaster would go a long way. It’s what I’ve been seeking from the British for years — a simple “sorry” to atone for the damage done to so many.


Here we all are, Mastodon. Seeking respect for views government dislikes and swift takedowns of actual hate speech. #india

Remember remember,
the 8th of November,
your accounts and your wallets so swiftly dismembered.
From arguments about borders
To ATMs out of order
Was it worth the negligible
black money surrendered?

@RanjitKumar Hi great to see the usual friends here! Happy tooting!


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