@void @Frem

il video lo avevo gia visto mi faceva ridere la versione winamp

@Monta @Frem ah cazzo non avevo guardato il particolare pensavo fosse la stessa

@Frem I love Winamp and would still use it if I need an audio player on my Windows box. My favourite theme was Drone:


and my favourite visualizer was Geiss:


@djsumdog @Frem
Everybody loved Winamp. I still have the last available installer somewhere backed-up.
But I wouldn't use it anymore myself. But I still recommend it for novice users.

@alyx @djsumdog @Frem they have webamp now, its winamp but written with the bloat of electron

@alyx @Frem @a7 Welcome to the future! 100MB for a chat app! 125MB for an MP3 player!

@alyx @Frem @djsumdog in the future everything will be electron, from your text editor atom to your music player webamp

@Frem Winamp was unironically based and for that I don't wanna lump it with boomerware
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