“Why are you so angry all the time?”

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@Frem not pictured, the kaizo trap right in that 30 minutes of free time which is someone going "hey I need your help it's real quick just 30 minutes tops I promise" RIGHT as they sit down to try and relax.

@Frem I have an 8.5 hour workday and 3.5 hours of commute. FUN

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@Frem Tell me about it! At least I don't have the 2 hour commute.

@Frem Absolutely, although it's about to get longer! Moving to a new loft and a new office.

@Frem I'd love that too, although sometimes I get lazy sitting around in my PJs.

true story: The last few week's I've been working 10 to 11 hours a day, but my commute is short. I'm lucky.

This I don't understand. Most jobs today are done with computers, telecommuting should be an option for the workers. It's more productive, benefits everyone and pollutes less. So why don't companies do this?

Because we have incompetent managers in charge who want to feel in power and watch their workers submit to them.


@rick_777 yes, the reason is exactly that. They don’t trust workers, they think that if we work from home we “cheat”, they need to be in control, watch us.

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