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Not sure if you've heard the extended version of that insane speech (or even if you wish to). But it deserves to be heard again and again.


"Ghar mein shaadi hai..."

Everyone heard this (in)famous dialog.

But they missed this particular gem.

At 3:30
"Yeh theek hai, ki paap karne walon ki sankhya kuch zyada nahi hogi.
Lakh, do lakh, paanch lakh hogi.
Museebat sava sau crore ko ho rahi hai".


There are people who are saying #ayodhya is Nehru's mistake too.

The money spent to defame Nehru is far more than the worthy institutions bearing his name.

Modi is such an insecure man.

Salaries and perks of 790 MPs cost Indian taxpayers 500 crore annually.

The annual budget for #JNU, which has 5000+ PhD students & ranks consistently as one of India's best, is 200 crore.

Around 50% of Lok Sabha MPs have criminal records & avg asset of 21 crore. #ShutDownJNU

Shut down all schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, airports, rail stations and shops

Have temples, dens of porn-kings AsaramBapu, RamRahim + lots of paagalkhanas + shamshaans

Life lived. Priorities sorted

Shut Down your Sanghi Gobar Brain

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The illiterate fools who are trending #ShutDownJNU should listen to voices of the students first.

@Harmony1960 it can be but no use.

We've to have support from abroad in our fight against the fascists.

Look how #RangaBilla got Muslim hating European fascists to endorse their #Kashmir policy.

These European fascists apart from hating Muslims also hate Hindus which will be apparent the moment Sanghis try to settle in Europe after stealing their jobs.

Watch "कश्मीर को क़ैदख़ाना बनाने पर इस्तीफा देने वाले IAS अफसर ने नौजवानों को दिया हौसला" on YouTube youtu.be/iDLRsxaJK70

Can the SC judgement on Ayodhya be challenged ...SC advocate

Watch "अयोध्या फैसले पर लगेगी रोक? सुप्रीम कोर्ट के वकील महमूद प्राचा ने किया बड़ा खुलासा।" on YouTube youtu.be/qX9-oz4ItAs

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As an atheist, I second this..
Religion has been used as a tool for capitalism and fuel wars.
The answer to the general question,
"Why muslims are seen as terrorists?" Is because that's where the oil is.
Had it been in India , Indians would have been the targets and islam would have been replaced by Hinduism.

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The last Imam of Babri Masjid died few days before the demolition. His 2 sons were hacked to death by karsevaks on the night of Dec 6, 1992. Their house & sawmill was burnt down. Chilling story: theprint.in/features/last-imam

@AdvManoj This is such a small but savoury moment. Thanks for sharing. I am loving it. Hoping with renewed vigour that BJP will be wiped out of power from all over India in days to come.

Instead of talking about what the fascists and bigots are saying on the #Birdsite , can we talk about ourselves ? The way forward ? The build up of effective resistance ? The changes we want to bring ??

Believe me, it's not as difficult as it's made out. Maharashtra is an example. One man , changed the picture. Faddu is done and dusted.

So, let's talk about the way forward 🙏

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With #AYODHYAVERDICT the (in)justices have opened Pandora’s box. Whatever Bhagwat is saying, Vaidya and VHP want many more mosques. India is hurtling towards civil war, more authoritarianism and eventual disintegration, in the next 2 decades. All for Hindu Khatre Me. twitter.com/pomogandhi/status/

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"Saddest Day" and "I will never forgive" are Sanghi double speak for "couldn't be happier" and "I am proud of." This is the language of "the Hindu majority" heard by the dishonourable apex court. twitter.com/ajay43/status/1193

Good morning @jamewils - please send rice bag & alcohol bottle 😂😂

**India cracks down on social media after religious-site ruling**

"Police acted on 7,681 social media posts across Uttar Pradesh by either reporting them or asking users to delete them."


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