"Doctrine of Sealed Cover & Deciding By Not Deciding"

CJI Gogoi’s tenure will not be remembered for important pronouncements on civil liberties, nor will it be remembered for judgments which took on the powers that be.



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A few days after Yediyurappa became CM, Karnataka rebel MLA MTB Nagaraj received ₹48.32 cr deposited into his bank accounts btw August 2 - 8th

Each deposit was over ₹90 lakh, but short of ₹1 cr 🙄

Where did he get so much money? No CBI-IT-ED probe?

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This is the same MLA who bought a ₹11 cr worth Rolls Royce Phantom around the same time after Yeddy became CM & rebel MLAs came back from the Mumbai resort

₹48 crs received in a week's time, ₹185 crs asset growth in just 18 months, is IT dept sleeping?

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Dear those of you from top engineering and management programmes in India, cribbing about JNU fees -- I, a tax payer, subsidised your education.
So, kindly STFU, and pay it forward, or pay it back #JNU

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This sounds reverential of Modi-Shah @rahulkanwal@twitter.com and pretty much endorses the ensuing “gun for Sena” tactics. What won’t end well in my opinion is the #MarathiManoos lash back at @BJP4India@twitter.com Let’s be clear the @ShivSena@twitter.com is their pride and joy twitter.com/rahulkanwal/status

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@raja_sw @SabinaBasha i agree. Rajiv Gandhi did the biggest crime of Subverting and overturning ShahBano verdict (A true, just and secular verdict) for appeasement of Few Maulanas conflating them for Entire community. From there INC couldn't came back despite helping with #BabriDemolition (Both actively, Passively and Inadvertently)

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