My generally confused self was unable to successfully change to a new server. So just started anew at:


"Where should I make an account on Mastodon?" Go where your friends are. If you don't know where your friends are, ask. You are much more likely to stay engaged when you can interact with people you already know. #mastotip

A guide to some common #ContentWarnings (CWs), including abbreviations...

Please don't use "NSFW" to describe sexually explicit content—be specific! #mastotip

- alc: alcohol
- body horror: gross body stuff
- ed: eating disorder
- ec: eye contact (for images)
- food: self explanatory
- genitals, nudity: self explanatory
- lewd: sexual/lewd content
- mh: mental health
- ph: physical health
- uspol, canpoli, etc.: US, Canadian, etc. politics
- (+/-/~): the post is positive/negative/so-so

A friend chose his home server here perhaps hastily, and discovered the hard way that it lacked much in the way of moderation or a robust blocklist when he was subjected to torrents of the foulest abuse. It was a sobering reminder of just how hard instance admins are working in the background to maintain the bubble of peace we’ve all been so pleased to find here. We know the vileness exists, but I’m hugely grateful to the team for ensuring we’re just not exposed to it.

Canceling plans because you’re not feeling well and don’t want to get your people sick is a sign of love.

One of them said that her husband, called at the end of September, stopped communicating, and since October 9 she has not known anything about his fate. At the military registration and enlistment office, she was told that her husband allegedly went missing, but they did not give any documentary evidence of this.

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80 mothers and wives mobilized from the Kuban are sent to Moscow and will seek a meeting with Putin. They intend to hold a rally on Red Square The protesters enter the Krasnodar branch of the "Council of Mothers and Wives" and plan a rally on Sunday, timed to coincide with World Mother's Day, two women told We Can Explain.

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Women intend to look for the truth in the Kremlin because they do not expect help from the authorities of the region and do not believe them, the activist says. According to her, the same delegations are expected from other Russian cities. “There are a lot of questions for Putin. The Council forms their general list.

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@mariapopova , aka , has amazing content . Please check her out. I would try to describe her, but I cant find the words. I was so happy to find her here. Almost as happy as I was to find ( @godpod ). 🙂

It’s #FollowFriday so I hope folks utilize the hashtag to find my account here!
Give me a boost! Maybe if I can show some of the big accounts on Twitter that it’s possible to grow sizably and quickly here, too, they’ll migrate over!

While following a lot of people can populate your Home feed significantly, sometimes people (like me) end up boosting a lot and that can unexpectedly hinder your own experience.

So if you like someone's specific posts and don't want to follow their boosts, you can go to their profile under the [...] button, and select the "Hide boosts from account" button.

There is no algorithm on Mastodon. You have ownership and control over every filtering decision instead of some robot.


Little Owl | Mochuelo (Athene noctua) on the Plains near Torresillas de la Tiessa, #Extremadura SW #Spain.
#birds #photography #wildlife

Earlier this Summer a fox cub (Vulpes vulpes) used to visit our garden around daybreak. Having seen it through the window several times, I got up early one morning, opened the back door, and waited with my camera. It was half way down the garden before it spotted me. It came a bit closer to have a look, but then lost its nerve and ran off. So sweet!
#Nature #NaturePhotography #Fox #WildlifePhotography #Mammal

Why don't I "stay in my lane"?
Answer: I'm exactly in the broad lane I should be in when public understanding of covid data and science depends on timely and clear statistical interpretation across a broad spectrum of fields and expertise.
ty for attending my TED talk.

Incredible to return to the capital of our first ally. Let’s get everything we’ve got to Ukraine, who now carries forward the flame of liberty as we once did

Between July 2021 and June 2022 Texas school districts banned 801 books in 22 school districts

"All eyes should now be on the investigation in Fulton County, Georgia. Pay attention to [Fani] Willis. She seems to have the courage of her convictions, and not the hesitating Hamlet habit of Attorney General Garland."

California, Michigan, and Vermont just became the first states to spell out abortion rights in their state constitutions. Here are some other rights voters codified in the midterms:

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