I am no longer Hindu. I am currently a part of an atheist minority and actively converting as many to atheism as possible.

RT if you're in or at least game to keep your gods your private business and are godless for all public purposes.

Only answer to Hindutva may finally be in enough Hindus dumping the religion to turn Hindutva into a solid minority by all interpretations.

I don’t know how many in today’s generation remembers two legends in the office of Election Commission. One, Mr. T N Seshan - the man whom politicians dreaded to even take name and the other J M Lyngdoh who went to any extend to see the elections are free and to the rule book. Seshan passed away today. Lyngdoh is somewhere near Bangalore living self exiled life. See the EC today. Most people have stopped trusting the institution. Any institution is worth its keepers.

Who called it overthinking and not Temple Run?

I'm seeing a few new people cautiously say things like "let's enjoy this place before the bad people get here" and I just want to say:

Don't worry! They're already here! But thanks to the heroic work of your instance moderators and admins, you will never see them. And if they do show up then your mods will get rid of them: unlike Twitter, the reporting functions here are reviewed by real people who don't care about turning a profit, and instead focus on enforcing community guidelines

Finally am reading my TL , the major frenzy is over. Now it’s up to us to use this site for effective communication, entire news media Indian & International are talking about our exodus to Mastodon. We have created history guys, don’t leave the momentum #India

Genuinely missing urf Mr Sudarshan, unsubtledesi, iprashantpatel and the other rw, umm, spearheads here. Perverse pleasure and all that...

What are the odds that a tragedy like will eventually be spun into National Progress Day or something close to the next general elections? If public memory is anything to go by, and with a complicit media, pretty sure 8th November is going to become another PR jumla.

Nehru Memorial Society Gets Shah, Rajnath as Members; Three Congress Leaders Dropped. All the Congress leaders who were members of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) Society and last year objected to the coming up of a new ‘Museum for Prime Ministers’, saying it sought to “obliterate Jawaharlal Nehru”, have been dropped from the reconstituted body.

New faces on the panel include author of book on Modi.

#thewire #nehru

Listening to Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt ma'am. It is so painful and embarassing at the same time. We didn't stand up for him. I am not talking about running a hashtag. But supporting him on the streets. No bail since 14 months.

Strange to shift from a platform where i read just about finding my feet, but i believe it's a step in the right direction, and hence worth sacrificing the comfort zone. @naukarshah and @Memeghnad got me here. (or more aptly, i followed them here :) )

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