in attesa dal barbiere fra le riviste trovo il bimestrale del Partito Comunista Cinese e parlano letteralmente di accelerazionismo, sbrigatevi con questa apocalisse 该死的那只基督的猪


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X1 Jinping
Understanding the New Development Stage, Applying the New Develop-
ment Philosophy, and Creating a New Development Dynamic

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and withdrawals of foreign investment in the

capital market. We must ensure the security of
food, energy, and major resource supplies, &
well as the stability and security of industrial
and supply chains. We need to prevent the
disorderly expansion and unchecked growth
capital, and ensure environmental and
rkplace safety. We should guard against
J of large-scale job losses, strengthen
security, and effectively prevent
dle public disturbances. In strength-
the systems for safeguarding national
security, we should draw on experiences from
other countries, work out how to set necessary
security barriers and locks at different stages,

and identify effective solutions for various
national security issues.

Third, we need to accelerate the creation
ofa new development dynamic.

The Recommendations for Formulating the

14th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social
Development and Long-Range Objectives
through the Year 2035 defined the creation.
of a new development dynamic that focuses
on domestic flow and features positive inter-
play between domestic flow and international
engagement as a major strategic task that
concerned China’s overall development inter-
ests. This task must be correctly understood
and actively promoted according to the overall

In recent years, we have witnessed a
backlash against economic globalization
and profound adjustments to the circulation
patterns in the international economy. The
Coyid-19 pandemic exacerbated the trend
of deglobalization, and many countries have
now become more inward-looking. When
the epidemic was prevalent, I visited several
provinces around the country to gain an
in-depth understanding of the situation on


epidemic containment and invest;

problems that had emerged in Wit the

S Open;
the economy. During my visit to heja

Province, I found that global industy;

supply chains had been partially dba

due to the pandemic. This had direc,
impacted flows in the domestic ne
Many companies were forced to suspend
operations because they could not bring in the
raw materials and personnel they needed or
send their goods overseas. I realized just how
much things had changed; the environments
and conditions that had facilitated large-
scale imports and exports were no longer in
place. Given these new circumstances, we
needed to come up with new thinking to
steer development. Accordingly, in April last
year I proposed that we create a new deyel-
opment dynamic that focused on domestic
flow and featured positive interplay between
domestic flow and international engagement.
At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC
Central Committee in October 2020, we made
comprehensive arrangements for this task.
The establishment of the new development
dynamic is a strategic and proactive step for
taking the initiative in development, a major
historic mission that must be fulfilled in the
new development stage, and an important
measure for applying the new development

As a socialist country with a large popula-
tion and a vast market, China is certain
to encounter various pressures and stern
challenges in the process of modernization,
the likes of which no other country will have
ever experienced. In 1936, Mao Zedong made
a remark that still holds true for us even
today. He said, “No matter how complicated,
grave, and harsh the circumstances, what @​
military leader needs most of all is the ability
to function independently in organizing and
employing the forces under his command. He

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