I loved Ghost of My Life and it was a great excuse to start reading / studying Derrida too (starting from Ghosts of Marx), this is almost on the same level.

"Sweden needs to think about its actions [...] if it wants to be seen as a rights-respecting country",
the reporter summarizes the news-report "Human Rights Watch criticises Sweden's approach to Turkey" by Radio Sweden.

Whether it's intended as such or not, that "if" is actually not a rhetorical question in this case.
The actions of this and the most recent governments strongly suggests their answer, if honest, would have been "no".

by TW @archeohistories

The "Altai Harp", an approximately 1500 year old musical instrument found in 2008, in a cave in the Altai Mountains of Mongolia and identified as belonging to the Gokturks.

If captured he's lost Geneva POW protections and can be treated like a spy in a war zone.

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Wagner guy on the right is wearing a Ukrainian uniform, notably missing the white armband used by Russian forces.

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I wanted a full mutual defense treaty but this should do until the Turkish people wake up and vote to end the dictatorship of Islamofacist Erdogan opening the way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

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Mi aspetto a breve una commissione di inchiesta sugli autogrill allora che si spende più li a fare colazione che a pranzare da Cracco.

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Secondo il Governo “non ci possono essere distributori che vendono la benzina a 1,7€ e altri a 2,4€”.

Massì, basta con questi meccanismi di mercato: è tutta speculazione, torniamo ai prezzi amministrati decisi dalla politica. Andrà tutto meravigliosamente.

by TW @AegeanNative

The first mosque in Athens wasn't constructed by the Ottomans but by the Arabs of the 10th or 11th century. This has been proven by the remains of Kufic inscriptions that were found in the Ancient Agora. This means that Arabs were present in Athens during the Medieval period!

Here are some of the Arabic inscriptions translated into English:

For more information ascsa.edu.gr/uploads/media/hes

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Angry Tesla customers in China have started storming $TSLA stores, demanding refunds

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A proposito di Brasile, Elon Musk ha licenziato l'intero staff di Twitter in Brasile.

Tra i licenziati: "otto persone che moderavano contenuti sulla piattaforma per intercettare post che violavano le sue regole contro l'incitamento alla violenza e alla disinformazione".

by TW @Esqueer_ (@esqueer)

Maybe it's not a great idea to have a guy running Twitter who previously supported a coup against a democratically elected governments.

Since Elon announced he was joining the board of Twitter on April 5th, Tesla had lost 72% of its market value. Arguably the worst acquisition of all time.

Twitter rules are now Calvinball, dictated by responses to far right influencers.

BREAKING: As Elon Musk falls behind on his Twitter rent payments, millennials helpfully explain that if he stops eating avocado on toast he should be able to afford a mortgage instead x

When you see someone like Elon Musk embracing the far right, it's not because the far right has any kind of coherent political or intellectual worldview he agrees with. It's because the far right is the last bastion of shitty people - they will accept anyone regardless of their personal behavior.

The far right have no standards for behavior, identity or beliefs - you only need to share the raw desire to dominate others. The far right welcomes all manner of abusers, thieves, grifters, and scoundrels.

Logically therefore if you're an abuser, thief, grifter or a scoundrel you will eventually find that the only friends you have left are far right extremists.

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