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my work explores the role of data in reproducing social inequalities, especially now that we use AI. I have also studied the use of digital technologies in citizen science.

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How can we protect children from algorithmic unfairness in education? How can their perspectives be amplified? The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss the effects of machine learning in education that affects the most vulnerable members of our society. We invite academics and practitioners to discuss how to support the fair use of artificial intelligence in education, which goes beyond technological solutions by including social and cultural solutions in the design process.

We will discuss this topic at the next WASP-HS Community Reference Meetings (CRMs), a meeting place for Swedish private and public organisations and WASP-HS researchers.


Google’s metastasized over-aminification has wasted the creative power and drive for way too many talented young people, and has made the entire tech scene less innovative and less productive through lack of meaningful competition. 2/


If you are writing about "neutral" platform ranking or discussing the benefits of chronological order, may I recommend the "Getting rid of amplification" section of my piece here:

Especially if what you are writing is a Supreme Court brief.

"Adapting College Writing for the Age of Large Language Models Such as ChatGPT: Some Next Steps for Educators"

Writing this with the amazing Lauren Goodlad of
@CriticalAI helped me clarify what I support out of all the possible courses of action.

What do you think of the suggestions?

#AIED #AIEthics #GPT3 #LLMs #HigherEd

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“@safiyanoble warns us in Algorithms of Oppression, these platforms aren’t neutral reflections of either the world as it is or how people talk about the world, but rather shaped by various corporate interests. It is urgent that we as a public learn to conceptualize the workings of information access systems...recognize that an overlay of apparent fluency does not…entail accuracy, informational value, or trustworthiness.” -By @emilymbender & Chirag Shah

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So much for my impending Twitter career move.


And the coup de grace: Twitter workers who sign the agreement promise nondisparagement: they may not say anything negative about Twitter, nor its management, nor Elon.



No wonder so many folks are reaching out to me about rejecting this and filing claims.




I'm ridiculously happy we're starting this program. All thanks to great colleagues ( to name a few) at who have put in a massive effort in the last 18 months.



To our great community of partners, experts and collaborators: we are looking for an enthusiastic professional to join our team in Brussels as Junior Project Officer. Will you help us to find great candidates by sharing this post? Thank you! 😊


“Misinformation is a defining issue of our time. I think it's good news that more and more people, including governments, are taking this battle against misinformation really seriously, because that's what's required.

Misinformation is killing people, it's destroying our democracy. It's leading to stigma and discrimination.”

#misinformation #democracy #publicHealth

RT Hi, Gary, I'm adding another worry: that #AI is exacerbating inequality.

Within countries: women & minorities are mostly excluded from development jobs, & suffer ↗️ from biased algorithms.

Between countries: #AI dev capacities in only a handful of countries.


RT It’s unfortunate that any criticism of LLMs is derided for being negative. We are repeating the same mistake as “Self driving is one year away” in 2012.

I’ve seen students online asking if they should change majors since software engineers won’t exist in a couple years.


Congratulations to my @popeurope colleagues for publishing one of the largest, best curated open ethnographic datasests I have ever encountered: 8,000 interview fragments (570K words), with 12K annotations and over 1,500 codes. #populism #Europe

Read these suggestions re retraction by Edlund et al, but feel they are devised for a different age, before papermills came on the scene.
My thoughts here on PubPeer:
Can we just agree to speed up mass retractions from dodgy special issues where the editor has let in gobbledegook?

"The trouble is, Twitter isn’t about code so much as it is about people."
WaPo: What Elon Musk failed to understand about Twitter

Today’s social media status quo isn’t cutting it, so Mozilla is exploring an alternative here on Mastodon. In early 2023, Mozilla will be testing a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse at Mozilla.Social. We will keep you updated, but for now learn more here:

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