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my work explores the role of data in reproducing social inequalities, especially now that we use AI. I have also studied the use of digital technologies in citizen science.

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More broadly, what the Cambridge study confirms is a growing ideological polarization between the West and the rest.

Very clear from the data 🔽 Within ten years, Western liberal democracies have grown more negative on China (moved left), and the rest more positive (moved right)

What matters most for the future of the world is whether this trend will accentuate, cementing the divide between the West and the rest.

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I gave it a try as well and asked
chatgpt, "What do you think about using AI in schools?"

Response, "I think using AI in schools has a lot of potential to improve the learning experience for students. AI can be used to help teachers better understand the individual needs of each student, provide personalized instruction, automate grading, and even provide real-time feedback on student progress. It can also be used to create virtual learning environments and provide access to educational resources that would otherwise be unavailable to students. AI has the potential to revolutionize education, and I think it should definitely be explored as an option for schools."

Some pretty fascinating technical updates on #Neurolink here, showing some real progress to a future where we can wire together brains and computers with fast and deep functionality.

I can easily see how the convergence of this with future #XR, #AI and #Robot tech could really make the sensations of #Neuromancer to #ThePeripheral a reality.

We need more #scifi thinkers like @GreatDismal helping us explore the ethics and impacts of our choices here ...

@naciketas @stranobiovolta perché no, se hai un blog, metti qui il link e lo si legge volentieri 👍

@baldur Agreed! I thought I'd respond with my blog post about this very topic, in case others would like to read it 😊 It's a little out of date now as it was from 2018 and a lot has happened since then. I'll try to update it sometime, particularly the references to Twitter and make it clear that I'm no longer there! Otherwise, I think the premise still holds!

I condoni spiegano bene il rapporto tra una parte del popolo e il potere: io ti voto se mi legalizzi la villetta abusiva, ti voto se non mi chiedi più le tasse che ho evaso.
Poi la villetta viene giù.
Poi per una visita in ospedale passano mesi.
Poi le scuole cadono a pezzi.
...e la colpa è sempre dello Stato, mai di chi ha costruito la villetta, mai di chi non ha pagato le tasse.

How can decentralised data flows coming from spontaneous citizen science initiatives help innovate the public sector in crises scenarios? How can citizen science methods and approaches be applied to the field? What are the pitfalls of this idea? Some tentative answers resulting from our collective brainstorming, in the blog post just out on SensJus page, recounting of our session organized at the European Citizen Science Association Conference 2022.

At lot has happened over the years in the digital field. But one thing that never changed was stance on human rights and democratic values. See for constructive advice and tools on how to implement 👇

Do you post about GLAM, cultural heritage or Digital Humanities crowdsourcing / citizen science / citizen history on mastodon? Looking to connect with others? Add yourself here!

GLAM / DH crowdsourcing projects and people on Mastodon form

And the list:

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#CitizenScience #CitizenHistory #crowdsourcing #DigitalParticipation #OnlineVolunteering

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently why not stay on Twitter and fight.

The reason is because Musk controls the algorithm. He could ban you tomorrow, and he could also just deprioritize every one of your tweets so no one sees them.

You can’t fight and win when the opponent has complete control over the field of conflict.

@jeffjarvis @evan @timbray @Michele @kathygriffin in this space, let's be clear, too, that "chronological" is an algorithm. Any sort of automatic moderation (blocking, muting, etc) is an algorithm.

The key thing is that *anyone* here can be in control of the algorithm that affects them. We aren't ever again going to be bound by the whims and anxieties of a bunch of guys looking to make a dollar.

(We do all have to hold ourselves accountable, which is liberating and terrifying, of course!)

Someone gave me great advice when I started here. Don’t be a wallflower, just scrolling through your timeline. Boost the posts that made you stop a moment. Say hello to others. You’ll be an “old-timer” in a few days. Don’t just follow all the same people who are like you. Use your filter to not see topics that wear you down. Visit other countries through their photos. This place is what WE make it. Let’s build a real community. #newbies #welcome

In #fotografia si dice che bisogna togliere il superfluo per raggiungere l’occhio e la mente dello spettatore, in questo è un po’ come nella vita, dove l’inutile distrae dall’essenziale.
#photography Roma, Foro italico 2022

👎 Fired: the Twitter human rights team, those working on lies, bias and online harm, the people responsible for privacy, security and safety…

👍 Welcome back: the anti-semites, liars, conspiracy theorists and all-round crazy people.

Don’t say Elon Musk has no idea of where to take Twitter.

It is VERY clear and VERY dangerous !

@vitotrianni, Ciao Vito, I am wondering what you think about the concept of hybrid intelligence. I read several articles about it, but I am thinking whether the word "hybrid" is appropriate or whether maybe "heterogenous" or "distributed" intelligence (across humans and machines") can be more appropriate? Because if hybrid refers to a combination of human and machine intelligence, maybe "hybrid" is not the right word? 🙂


How rich are you? You are in the top X% if you earn more than X€ per month and owns more than X€.


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