Why is it that 90% of man pages and help files are utter dreck, go on for light years, and never answer basic questions?

Can we please have a new standard help command which lists concise cheat sheet info and lucid examples of syntax?

The problem with man pages is they are a manual. No one wants to RTFM for every last command. No one can internalize a whole manual for every obscure command. A man page should include a brief cheat sheet in betwixt the abstract and the full reference manual.


@Shufei The problem is that - from what I hear, confirmed by personal experience - GNU/Linux has kinda abandoned the UNIX philosophy of small, simple programs that do only a couple of things and do them well.

I see someone already suggested you try out the *BSDs, and I can only agree: my experience with OpenBSD has so far been quite enjoyable (though beware of the limited number of supported filesystems!)

@Passiflora_Caerulea @Shufei I'll second openbsd's man pages as being helpful. They do include examples at the bottom, which is often where I start.

I seem to remember an alternate command to man that did show more human readable intros. I can't recall the name, though, nor speak to its coverage.

There was also someone on gopher who did their own note-taking on commands. I think they wrote a script called mman (my-man) where they kept notes and tricks and stuff.

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