You constantly update yourself on which of the following social media more?

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Wake up Sid is a fucking gem. What! Mastodon needs bollywood reviews too. Kuch time mein Taran Adarsh ke box office numbers bhi ayenge 馃槵

Today is a big day for India. Good night everyone 馃槾

If you become a judge to pronounce the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Babri Masjid verdict, What would be your verdict?

Consider reading both sides key facts:
Hindutva forces can't demolish a monument of faith for many Indians and claim Lord Ram Janmbhoomi, when they can't even pinpoint their own exact birth location.
Lord Ram served humanity as an Icon of conscious action, inspired millions for generations and put himself in extreme level of hardship and suffering.
Babar is a third generation of Genghis Khan who used religious connotation to kill millions for power. Guru Nanak in Guru Granth Sahib claimed Babar 'A messenger of death'.
This poll is my attempt for peace after today's Ayodhya verdict.

Who do you think is more worried with sudden shift of Twitter users to Mastodon?


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