As Simple as That

For non-Italians:
the guy at the top right corner is a true champion.
He is one of the ones some of us are most proud of. :-))
One of our best minds.
100% Made in Italy
One of the greatest minds in the world.

⚡ Boosts appreciated

@TdQ Quick question: what makes Jami better than Signal or XMPP? I've not had any experience with Jami so I'm just curious.

@TdQ very cool. I've been using Signal for years but this intrigues me. I think I'll give it a shot.

@TdQ okay, so far I'm sold on Jami. I like that it's secure with no infrastructure involved. I'll test it for a while longer before trying to get a bunch of my friends on it.

@TdQ @Mundon for some reason most of the times Viber is out of these conversations as in this diagram too...does anyone know the reason why? Is it privacy oriented/safe to use?

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