What you can't do on this instance:

post racist, sexist, fascist and discriminatory contents (meme, tags and other allusions included)

post nationalist propaganda or from institutional political parties

post only to promote commercial activities

post offensive or denigratory messages, intended only to insult or threaten other users on a personal level

post links to Facebook content. We invite you to open a blog instead, and we can offer help with that as well

post whatever without first thinking that the other users' sensitivities may differ from your own (use the content warning!)



Moderation guidelines are discussed during IRL meetings, freely attended by users, we periodically organize in Bologna, Italy. That is one of the reasons why this istance would better keep local-focused, we never intended it as a world-wide project.

@admin @ninad So its more like social online community which engages locally at events nice.

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An antifa mostly-italian speaking mastodon istance based in Bologna - About us - What you can't do here

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