If you value your safety and wish to keep this place a safe spot for anyone to talk, please block or defederate

The mentioned instance is mainly Italian-speaking, but considered its code of conduct follows a very shady definition of "free speech", it nurtures xenophobic, anti-semitic contents (e.g. Kalergi Plan). It doesn't act any censorship, much like with Gab and other "free speech" instances, therefore giving free reign on harassment and targeted mobbing.

People actively speaking and currently joining the instance have widely been reported of promoting homophobic, anti-choice, far-right, conservative, and pseudoscientific content.

Full thread by @ilcronomaestro and @Ca_Gi (thanks, thanks, thanks) here:

Could you please give more info 'bout
Instance block recommendation of
Just join Bida.

@admin @ilcronomaestro @Ca_Gi


Thanks, it's what i did first.
I mean where can i find fact check 'bout this?
No provocations, just new of Bida and only after 20m first toot about defederate other Instance.
Guess is normal question.. isn' it?

@ilcronomaestro @Ca_Gi


Ah ma parli italiano! :0520:

Comunque non è cosa che succede spesso, anzi è la prima volta che viene silenziata un'istanza italiana, è capitato di defederarne di estere per esempio in quanto esplicitamente nazi.

Con byoblu non abbiamo dovuto pensarci molto perché era espressione di un canale youtube esistente da tempo e le cui posizioni intolleranti, antisemite ecc erano ben note

@ilcronomaestro @Ca_Gi

Si, anche. Ma il toot era in inglese..
Grazie per le info 👍

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