Ok. Now I'm in that level of paranoia that I'm scared of letting governments knowing my email address.

Only thing that holds me (for now) from creating a new personal account is that even Snowden was not hiding his email address (Lavabit story).

Please help me. If you were me, would you continue using your email (that you both provided on your website, and to sign legal (governmental stuff) or you'll create a new email for personal use like signing up on services and messaging people?


You can be funded by Google or Facebook or some other surveillance capitalist, or you can advocate for human rights and democracy. Pick one.

[The Importance of Using Secure Messengers]

It its believed that recent hack of Jeff Bezos's phone is caused because of a file sent from a Saudi crown prince...

[Telegram Is Doing Something About Censorship]

It seems like Telegram messenger is doing its best to bypass censorship. I've heard that there's an experim...

If you haven't heard yet, for countries that is censored in, you can connect to it using a service that has a connection to Russia. After few minutes, you'll be connected. Then you should wait for few more moments, close the app, disconnect from VPN, and open the messenger again.

You'll be able to connect to Telegram without any proxy or VPN.

Not very sure about its but I don't think there will be any problem for us having in mind that it can be done using any VPN not a specific one. So, it's probably done by Telegram itself, not any third-party.

Seems like messenger is doing something about .

I'm glad. If only they could bring default end-to-end for all chats. And also client-side encryption like what ProtonMail does.

[A Free Libre Operating System for After Global Collapse]

Someone who believes that world is going to collapse before the year 2030 has created...

@pmail hey. Do you have any English version for your website?
I have some questions about your storage, security, and privacy policy and possibly registration.

[Not Using Doesn’t Mean Not Having]

Many service providers insist that we can have control over our data and choose to not being targeted with personalized advertis...

@admin Hey. Sorry I bothered, I wanted to know how can I get an account on bida.im NextCloud service. Can you help me please?


[We Should All Have Something to Hide]

Suddenly, it feels like 2000 again. Back then, surveillance programs like Carnivore, Echelon, and Total Information Awarene...

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