The @pixelfed is just like [damn] Instagram, but much better. Even the founder of it, @dansup, shared a photo of a dog as the first post just like how Kevin Systrom posted a picture of a dog as the first post.

But with Pixelfed, you're free and federated.

@arh @pixelfed @dansup It‘s like Instagram without native apps. Useless for Mainstream und only for enthusiasts.

@arh @pixelfed @dansup

This seems to be a general problem with these alternatives, right? I mean, who in my friend circle or people I know in general does use them?
Even apps like Threema or Telegram are used maybe by 1% of my contacts..

@dorianvasco @Lu @pixelfed @dansup

Well somebody should start. These apps are not generally alternatives. These are services developed to respect people's freedom.

It can be you who starts using them in your friends circle. Let's introduce freedom to people instead of complaining about who uses it.

@arh @pixelfed Thanks! Never knew Kevin posted a pic of his dog as the first post, that's awesome 😁

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