@autoscatto Is this illustration trying to tell us that #eScooters are more efficient than riding a conventional #bicycle or #walking even? That claim seems highly dubios to me, all the more so as the lifespan of most eScooters is too low for those contraptions to be #sustainable in any way. #traffic #energyefficiency



that seems to be the conclusion. But there are sources for every calculation they made and I couldn't find a more immediate comparison than this.

I ride bike and more rarely foot. I own nothing electric or combustion for transport and I am willing to bet that the impact of electric (personal) will be worse than that of internal combustion engines.
But in all this I don't know how to evaluate my impact (from the food point of view) to move by bike and I don't think it's negligible.

@autoscatto The additionally needed food intake for utility cycling is tiny - we're talking about 15 to 30min rides, right? Most people won't even notice the additional calories burnt.
Therefore no electrified bicycle or scooter can ever be more efficient than its non-electrified siblings. After all, electricity does not grow on trees and batteries are toxic waste once they're done. For these reasons I highly doubt the numbers in that infographic.

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