@bluberrycookie needs more active collusion between mainstream environmentalists and capitalists

@a_breakin_glass @bluberrycookie Every time we get a good message that correctly pinpoints the blame, some people have to sow division and RUIN it. I've had it.

@bluberrycookie This reminds me of Greek politician Theodoros Pangalos. In 2010, serving as deputy prime minister of Greece, he accused all citizens saying "Mazi ta fagame" ("We all ate it together"), meaning that citizens and politicians are all responsible for the financial crisis.

The biggest con, is corporations making us feel that it's our fault the environment is shit, not them.

They're the I've who make, sell products pushing out millions of tonnes of CO2 into air, and have no plan for their product's eventual recycling/disposal.


@eliasg @bluberrycookie or they have an even worse disposal plan; using poor countries as landfills...

@bluberrycookie I think there should be some purple on those walls. plants are cheap, organic food is devastating to the environment and should be avoided

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