@cerchio image description: an old newspaper-looking piece. It reads:
Take Your Choice
A man confined in the county jail has made out the following grade of stealing:

Taking $1,000,000 is called Genius.
$100,000 : Shortage
$50,000 : Litigation
$25,000 : Insolvency
$10,000 : Irregularity
$5,000 : Defalcation
$1,000 : Corruption
$500 : Embezzlement
$100 : Dishonesty
$50 : Stealing
$25 : Total Depravity
One ham : War on Society

@yomimono @cerchio also the work of the typesetter is glorious, how often do we see that level of care in today's shitposts (actually quite often now that I think about it, I love the role of creative type in shitposting!)

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