#mastodon gives you different choices for apps on each:-

Tusky - FREE
Subway Tooter - FREE
Fedilab - PAID

iOS :
Toot! - PAID
Mast - PAID
Amaroq - FREE

Pinafore - FREE
Halcyon - FREE

Whalebird - FREE
Tootle (Linux) - FREE
TheDesk - FREE
Hyperspace - FREE

Tooter - FREE


@Snehal_rasal I’m trying out the free tootle app on iOS. Amaroq seems thin and stable. But tootle seems to have a bit more customisation and features. But seems a bit buggy. Could very well be that I’m new and still finding my way.

Read some iOS users are using Amaroq.
Keep reviewing for iOS users☺️👍

@Snehal_rasal sure!
I personally like #tootle so far, but that is not saying much given it’s been only a couple hours. It packs a lot more features in a small space. Good use of real estate and quite intuitive. I did not see this mentioned in any mastodon related docs so far though. It did crash a couple times . But the ease of use means I just have to bring it back again.


@InvertedChromosome @Snehal_rasal using Tootle, but search doesn’t work. Nor I can click on a hashtag to show toots related to it. Pity. Never tried Toot! as it’s paid, but looking for reviews.

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