@ParadeGrotesque Hi! May I ask you why you consider Slackware the most sane Linux, and how you value it against a “system” like the BSDs? Just curious.
I think that Slackware is probably the most similar to the BSDs in certain aspects, but it suffers from the bazaar syndrome of the other distribution, as it is in reality another Linux kernel with added tools, just like other Linuxes.

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Sanity is, of course, in the eye of the beholder.

Here are a few ideas:

- no systemd
- no PAM (this may change soon)
- no SELinux
- no distro-specific patches
- simple system III 'rc' style init
- simple package management
- modular (no weird dependencies)
- KISS principle
- shell scripts used everywhere instead of binaries
- standard UNIX tools throughout (/sbin/ifconfig instead of 'ip' for example)
- no binary log files
- still provides a nice and complete environment

@ParadeGrotesque Well, that’s enough. Still, I tend to prefer the BSDverse, which provides a better integrity of the “system”, in my opinion, with a lesser attachment to the chaotic bazaar environment Linux is built upon. OpenBSD, in particular, which seems to make more efforts in integrating tools while maintaining quality. In this sense NetBSD is inferior because its system is really smaller as it must maintain a much greater compatibility.

@ParadeGrotesque But actually Slackware has a better hardware support, as all other Linuxes.😅


Well, Slackware is the Linux that is closer to the BSD spirit: a simple, compact system with well-defined relationships between its different parts.

I don't subscribe to the "one, and only one, way to do it". Open source is a toolbox. Take what you need in it. You cannot have "just one tool" in your toolbox, it does not make any sense. Use what works for you, but be aware of its limitations.

@ParadeGrotesque I just meant that in the BSDverse the base programs are more integrated than on Linux. But I agree with you. I prefer a small and compact (but entire) system and then add just what I need, instead of a preconfigured system with a pletora of tools I don’t need.

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